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The Pre-Session Consultation

The Pre-Session Consultation

This is just a chat to walk you briefly through the EXPERIENCE.

We will meet in person after you book your Session by paying the non-refundable Session Fee, either through PayPal or by credit card.

I schedule a maximum of 5 sessions per week so this payment holds your place in my calendar.

Once we meet you will notice there is a big difference in the entire experience of having a session with Anne Selvie Photography.

We will chat  in-person, and discuss all of the things that make you unique.

We will talk about your home decor, your spouse, your boyfriend, what colors you love, your favorite outfit and even if you have any special items that you might like to include in your session.

I’ll listen closely to your story so that I can take it all in and make a plan for that special session day!

After our meet up, I’ll have you log on to the special Client Site and fill out the Photography Contract and Getting to Know You questionnaire. (The questionnaire just helps me keep everything fresh in my mind!) 

Once your Session Fee is received, I’ll send out your session information packet with all the information you need for your session day! You always have access to me, of course, if you have any questions. (Seriously! Just ask!) And there is also information on both the website and the Client Site, but this holds more detailed information on preparing for your session.

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